City Eats & A Blogger Meet-up... Part Two


It’s official, I love doing blogger meet ups! I was so excited that the gals wanted to do a follow up to our first. I was also thrilled to know that we were adding a new face to the group, the gorgeous Alicia of “Alicia Fashionsita.” I’m a devoted reader of her blog and I was so ecstatic to meet her. In addition to Alicia, I met up with the original three lovelies... Alexandra of “To Vouge or Bust,” Cee of “Coco & Vera,” and last but not least, Lynn of “Hearted Girl.”

We met up last weekend at the funky Chill Winston in Gastown, where we enjoyed fabulous vegetarian appetizers along with some equally yummy wine. Our conversations flowed freely as we chatted about blogging, relationships, fashion, and our beautiful city. It’s amazing to think that we have become such quick friends.

After lunch, we headed out into the streets of Gastown and did what we do best: wave our cameras, laugh, pose, and take some snaps. My husband came down to meet us and patiently took group shots with each girl's camera. Can you say sweetheart?! Needless to say, there will be a part three and I’m already counting down the days... xx veronika