Easy Summer Dresses, Cameras, and Boys...


Hello lovelies, look at that weather! Before you get “weather envy,” please note that it has actually been raining all week. We had one great weather day, which caused me to run outside like a blogging maniac, with camera and husband in tow! Yay for patient boys.

I’m absolutely in love with this location. Isn’t it the cutest? I adore moss covered trees, pillowy grass, and blue skies. Total magic. I’m also smitten with easy summer dresses. Anyone else with me? I might be guilty of what I like to call "no brainer dressing." Example? Well, this outfit went a little something like this... Grab dress. Put on shoes. Walk out door. Sweetness!!

And as for other non-related fashion news? I’ve been on a condo spring cleaning marathon. I have traded in my heels, belts and adorable dresses... for gloves, Vim and sweats! Happy Monday!! xx veronika