A Historic Town & A Vintage Inspired Floral Dress...


Hello friends! What a gorgeous day. I spent the afternoon exploring an adorable historic town by our home. I found out via the internet that it's an old railway town that spans back to 1882; most of the original homes have been converted into charming museums, restaurants, or tea shops. As hubs and I walked around, we were surrounded by falling cherry blossoms and enjoyed a deliciously warm ocean breeze. Totally idyllic! 

I wore my newly purchased H&M dress. I adore scouring stores for vintage inspired floral patterns, and this season I've been scoring big time. I found this dress for a whopping $19 and I just knew this little charmer had to be mine. I am absolutely obsessed with big poufy dresses & skirts this season. Sometimes it's SO fun to be super girly -love it!

Also, stay tuned for some giveaway goodness, early next week. The lovely Cat from BrideBlu will be offering one lucky reader an item from her delightful Etsy store. Yay, I love doing giveaways! Happy Thursday guys!! xx veronika