Ruffles, Bowties, And A Delightful Blogger Picnic...


Firstly, I'm in L-O-V-E with my new modcloth top! And how cute is my bow-tie necklace?! I absolutely adore fun & whimsical jewelry. I was SO thrilled to receive this sweet necklace from BrideBlu, one of my lovely sponsors. I've been wearing it non-stop, so prepare yourselves, you will be seeing this beauty often. And speaking of beauties?! I just went to my third blogger meet up -SO fun!!
What a delightful afternoon! The lovely Cee of Coco and Vera suggested that we do a blogger picnic in Stanley Park, which is a gorgeous 400 acre evergreen park and is well over 120 years old. We sat amidst stunning cedar, hemlock and fir trees -total bliss! We were too delighted to find a sweet ocean-side spot, where we ate cupcakes and gabbed non-stop. I surprisingly didn’t take as many pictures as I normally do. Sorry girls! Apparently, I was having too good of a time!
I truly love meeting up with these girls once a month. I spend so much of my “blogging life” making virtual connections, so it’s gratifying to actually connect with my bloggy peers, face-to-face. I’m thrilled to see that our group is quickly growing and that I have these sweet, intelligent and gorgeous gals in my life. We are already planning a fourth meet up; it’s kind of themed and most importantly, it will be a blast!! I’m certain that you guys will love it, so stay tuned...

From left to right, here are the Vancouver lovelies: Cara from A Fashion Love Affair, Alicia from aliciafashionista, Alexandra from To Vogue or Bust, Cee from Coco and Vera, Mina from Faboulista, and Louise from Fifth Sparrow.

Have a great day you guys. And also a big thank you for your sweet & thoughtful comments; they truly make my day. xx veronika