Stripes Mixed With Florals... And Ice Cream Dates!


Hello friends! Oh my goodness, have you noticed that I live in these H&M wedges lately?! Haha, I really can't help myself... they are so comfortable, which for me is non negotiable. Hubs and I love walking to the village for ice cream or to enjoy a fancy coffee. Ah, summer is definitely in the air!

 I spent the rest of my weekend in my "home studio" ...well, it's more of a nook in our condo. I have been feeling mighty creative lately, and making adorable necklaces and vintage bead earrings. I just adore scouring shops for old beads and sweet little pendants -SO fun!!

 Alright, my dearies. Hope your Monday is turning out to be an absolutely lovely one. And stay tuned... I'm staring a new feature this Wednesday called "blog spotlight!" I'll be interviewing one of my favourite personal style bloggers! xx veronika