Birthday Week & Floral Maxi Dresses...


Recently, I tweeted about wanting to change my blunt bangs to side swept bangs. However, it's become very clear that I am a creature of habit. I attempted the side swept look for a whopping 20 minutes, but then quickly caved, ran to the hair salon... and voila, my blunt bangs are back!! I did however pick up a few new lipstick shades to refresh my look. I'm wearing & loving MAC shade A-41 "please me" -it's such a sweet shade of pink. I adore and highly recommend it!

As for the outfit? Yay for blogging girlfriends that let me borrow their clothes! I was SO delighted when Alicia of "aliciafashionsista" brought this beauty of a dress to our recent clothing swap. I had such a fun time styling up this maxi! Woven fedoras, light cardigans, and floral print dresses have quickly become my summer uniform.

Tonight, hubs and I are heading off to enjoy a fabulous new restaurant/lounge. I'll be celebrating my birthday -hooray! Upside? I get to enjoy a night out with my honey. Downside? I swear, as I get older, these darn birthdays seem to come faster & faster. Enjoy your day, friends!! xx veronika

PS I've changed my post layout and increased the size of my pictures so you guys can enjoy my outfits in more detail. Hehe, no more squinting required.