A Picture An Hour (ish) & A Peak Into My Day...

Hey guys! I’ve been wanting to grab a few more candid shots for the blog and I thought this was the perfect theme. Has anyone tried the “a picture an hour” post before?! I had so much fun snapping the pics & putting it all together. I especially love the candid ones with hubs; how fun that we have pics that capture bits of our evening. I can’t wait to do it again sometime... xx veronika
 7:00 am {awake and hiding}
 9:00 am {starting off my day with some fresh air}
 10:00 am {making a few new jewelry pieces}
10:15 am {all done, featuring vintage + swarovski beads}
11:30 am {catching up on emails & working from my home office}
  12:30 pm {apple grilled cheese sandwich & vanilla rice milk}
3:00 pm {someone's got the easy job}
5:00 pm {patio time with my hubby}
6:00 pm {kale baked in olive oil + soy sauce}
7:30 pm {evening snuggles}
8:30 pm {still relaxing}
9:00 pm {watching funny bits -goodnight!}