Summer Dresses & A Mid Afternoon Blogger Swap...


Hello friends! This past weekend I headed into the city to meet up with some of my fave Vancouver fashion bloggers for a clothing swap. What a fun way to spend my Saturday afternoon!! The weather could have not been more perfect, and I was delighted to be taking outfit photos in our quaint little neighbourhood. I'm just smitten with all of the beautiful tree lined streets.
I met with the girls on Saturday afternoon at Cee's lovely Vancouver condo, where we enjoyed our usual round of delightful fashion chats, blogging tips, and shared countless laughs. I also had the chance to meet Cee's husband, who is an absolute sweetheart. He patiently listened to our girly gab sessions and snapped countless pictures -what a guy!
As for the swapping portion of the afternoon?! Well, it's safe to say that I'm completely hooked. Firstly, I was able to pick up some fabulous new pieces, all without spending any money -yay me!! I'm certain that both my husband & bank account are greatly relieved. And secondly, I chose items that are outside of my normal "go-to-look," which is SO fun! I think we can all get stuck in a fashion rut and a swap is a great way to try something new ...and I also can't wait to see how the girls re-mix some of my staple items!!
I'm so excited for our next swap! And in the meantime, be sure to check out my fellow Vancouver blogging lovelies: Alicia from aliciafashionista, Cee from Coco and Vera, and Louise from Fifth Sparrow. Have a great day, you guys!! xx veronika