Scenes From: A Seaside Market

A few weeks back, husband & I decided to pack in our work day and head out for a mid-day adventure. It was exactly what this over-worked gal (that be me) needed! We spent the afternoon lying in the grass (sea-side), chatting about life, taking sweet photos, and all the while we had our pooch happily sleeping next to us! Apparently he adores fun little adventures too. Ah, what a blissful afternoon!
We spent a bit of our time walking around the market, but not nearly as much as we would have liked; we were in a decidedly lazy mood! Our excursions have been far & few this summer; however, with hubby off work for the next three weeks, we certainly plan to make up for it! Historic towns, quaint little shops, ice cream parlors, here we come -eek, I seriously can’t wait. Don't you guys just adore summer?!
After starring at my closet for far too long, I decided on this simple look. My favourite downtime outfit is a loose tank, long cardy, skinnies, and a fun little hat! As much as I love fashion and getting all glammed up, I also appreciate outfits that allow for fun & spontaneity because I'm the kind of gal who likes to roll around in the grass and splash about in ocean waves.
Outfit Details:
Hat & Cross Body Bag - H&M
Sunglasses - Marc Jacobs
Cardy - Thrifted
Tank - Wilfred
Jeans - American Eagle
Pendant- ModCloth

Wising you guys a fun & fabulous week, filled with carefree summer days!! xo veronika