My Blog Office & Blogging Organizational Tips!!

Hey guys! I recently mentioned & tweeted about the fact that I set up a little blog nook in our home - voila, here it is!! I was so thrilled to finally set up this little spot for myself, just a couple short weeks ago! And in case you're wondering, I bought the desk and chair from IKEA. Let me just say, it's been such a positive experience setting up a blog office. It's helped me get focused, organized, and feel more in control of my blog tasks. I've learned that staying organized is a big part of having & managing my blog.
How I stay organized!! 
  • Monthly calender: I seriously couldn't live without it! I schedule all of my giveaways, upcoming posts, keep track of sponsor deadlines, and my sponsor renewal dates.
  • Daily to-do list: I jot down what I need to get done in order of priority before I sit down to blog. I find this helps me stay on task and I can typically answer emails & comments, edit photos, and write my posts, and be done in a couple of hours -yay!! 
  • Automate: I've created a sponsor pdf sheet, invoice templates, email templates (for frequently asked questions), giveaway templates, and cheat sheets for my most used HTML code. Ah, I can't stress enough, the importance of automating things. It's helped me get so much more efficient. Hooray for sanity!
  • Set time limits: I've been guilty of sitting down to a 1 hour task, but (oops!) it ends up taking me a couple of hours. So I've started setting time limits for my tasks to keep me focused, and now I get things done!!
  • Take a break: Yup, when I'm feeling tired or over-whelmed, sometimes taking an internet-free day is the perfect way to get me & my schedule back in balance. 
  • Don't sweat the small stuff:  Sometimes, no matter how hard I try, I just can't get every teeny tiny thing done - and that's totally okay! I just jot it down and know I'll get to it the next day! :)
Hope you guys enjoyed my blog nook tour, and found my organizational tips helpful. If you have any fab tips of your own, be sure to share them in the comments section below -I'd love to hear from you!! Enjoy your Monday, friends! xo veronika