Look Book: Vintage Knit Tuques & An Ocean Pier!!

With winter less than a month away and our steadily dropping temperatures, I was inspired to work a more snuggly & winter inspired look. I’m getting so excited to wear textured knit hats, sweater tights, and my newly purchased fair isle leg warmers all season long -yippee! It’s the perfect winter accompaniment, along with hot chocolate, mittens, and adorable snowmen -of course! Don't you guys just love how each season brings its own little magical bits?! It's so splendid!
Hubs and I were up to our usual tricks - oh boy, we're so predictable! After snapping a few photos, we enjoyed such a sweet & romantic walk down the pier, all the while enjoying the squawking seagulls, and we took in the most amazingly crisp & salty air - so relaxing. We even spotted an otter swimming about in the water. Gosh, they are so cute, don't you just love how they float on their backs?! Eee, I could kiss them! Haha, except that they would bite my face off! 
Any fun plans for the weekend, friends?! I’m off to a Christmas themed blogger meet-up this Saturday, and instead of our usual clothing swap, we're swapping cookies - super cute, right?! Although, I might be cheating a bit, I don't really bake so I'll be bringing some yummy "bakery bought" cookies instead. But for the record, I do make a mean vegetarian lasagna!! xo veronika
Outfit Details:
Tuque - Vintage (similar)
Jacket - H&M
Dress - ModCloth
Tights - H&M (similar)
Shoes - Polly, Jeffrey Campbell (similar)