Sponsor Spotlight: January! Hand Picked By Girl & Closet!!

Happy Wednesday, friends! I'm absolutely thrilled to introduce you to some of December & January's sponsors. One of the things I love about blogging is sharing my favourite items and shops with you!! Let's take a peek, shall we?! ♥
Aw, have you guys popped by Ruche lately?! I'm so in love with their sweet & vintage inspired wears - not to mention their look-books are always amazing, and so stalk worthy! 
I'm such a huge fan of handmade jewelry, and Petitor has the most adorable & dainty sparkles, absolutely perfect for everyday wear... and they layer beautifully too!
Have you ever dreamt of designing your own custom shoes?! That's exactly what caught my eye about  Dessine-moi un soulier. Each pair of shoes is totally customizable; you get to choose the style, height, colour, leather, sole, openings, and additional accessories. Ah, amazing and their shoes are so dreamy!!
Oh my, Topshop has such an amazing selection of dresses! And with a few special events around the corner, I would love to wear one of these gorgeous stunners. Now for the hard part, choosing just one! ;)