Sponsor Spotlight: February, Part One!!

Happy Friday, friends! For this month's sponsor spotlight, I have decided to break it up into two parts. I've got so many lovely sponsors that I'm excited to introduce you to, as well as share my fave items from them. Yippee! Let's take a peek... ♥
I've always been enamored by Cat's beautiful jewelry. I visit her Etsy store monthly, and I'm always so excited to see what beautiful treasures I'll find. Be sure to visit her shop or blog - I promise, it's a real treat!!
Blowfish has been previewing & adding so many adorable new shoes to their spring line. I'm madly in love, and officially have spring fever! I cannot wait to wear open toe shoes, wedges, and strappy shoes again. Oh boy, the warm weather can't come fast enough.
Have you guys heard of the adorable life & style blog, "The Weekend File?!" Well if you haven't, be sure to march right on over and check it out! Hayley, the adorable face behind the blog, is such a dear friend and a big style inspiration of mine. I guarantee you'll adore her! 
When it comes to creating fabulous daily outfits, there is nothing better than using gorgeous accessories to do just that! And Le Mode Accessories has such a beautiful & stylish selection. I can't wait to get my hands on the above whiskey hued hobo & bow belt. Adorable!
Gaia Metal Studio features the most exquisite natural stone and sterling silver pieces, all of which are lovingly handcrafted. I'm especially loving the look of the square amethyst earrings (featured above); such a pretty & modern alternative to wearing diamond ones.

Hope you guys enjoyed part one of my sponsor spotlight! xo veronika