TxSC: Blowfish Breakfast, Conference & What I Learned!!

For my final day in Austin, Texas, I attended a super fun & laid back breakfast with Amy and Elise, both of whom work for Blowfish and were an absolute dream to meet, along with my dear friend Jenni of Story of My Life, and Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky. Yay! My overall impression of the blogging community?! The nicest people you will ever meet!! I couldn't have felt more at home! :)
(Left to right: Elizabeth, Jenni, Amy, Roxy, Lauren, and Tieka below!)
I then headed to the conference. This year's theme was thinking beyond your blog, and recognizing that not everyone wants to be a full-time blogger. Most bloggers have full-time jobs and choose to document their outfits/lives because it's such an inspiring community. The conference also focused on bringing the most authentic you to your blog, allowing yourself to dream, and creating genuine connections with your readers, or customers if you are a small boutique owner. I absolutely love that point of view on blogging!
(Left to right: Diya, Veronika, Julie, Kristina and below: J, Jen, Elizabeth, Kyla)  
Kendi delivered a strong & inspiring message during her keynote speech: realizing your purpose is much greater than your blog, and you have the ability to make it whatever you want it to be! We are all on a path and no two paths look the same, and that's OK. We are here to find our own unique voice, point of view, and connect with a life that's authentic and reflects our passions. Kendi challenged us to dream bigger, to dream beyond our blogs! One of my favourite quotes from her was, "Comparison is the thief of joy!" It's not about what everyone else is doing... it's about what you want to be doing!
Well that's a wrap, guys! I can't stress enough how inspiring it was to hear so many bloggers talk about their journey. For me, this conference couldn't have come at a better time. I feel armed with loads of inspiration and I look forward to sharing it all with you on the blog. Lastly, be sure to take a peek at the video - this was one of my favourite panel discussions. Happy blogging everyone! xo
Outfit Details:
Sunglasses - Marc Jacob
Cardigan - American Eagle
Dress - Club Monaco 
Clutch - Aldo
Ballet Flats - Aldo