Sponsor Spotlight: April & Happy Friday!!

Hello, friends! Is everyone excited it's Friday?! Martin & I have so many fun things planned - I can't wait for the weekend to start! I'm especially excited to be doing a jewelry party with my girlfriends this Sunday - yay! Anywho, let's take a peek at this month's sponsors... they are lovely!! ♥
Everybody's Buying Vintage - is the the ultimate go-to marketplace for gorgeous vintage fashion. And the selection?! Oh my goodness, it's pretty incredible!! Be sure to check out this amazing community... it's truly the perfect place to buy, sell and discuss vintage!
A strawberry charm bracelet is the the perfect spring/summer accessory! Cat of Bride Blu does such a beautiful job of designing pieces that are always perfectly charming, vintage & vintage inspired, plus the price point is always suburb. This is absolutely the place to stock up on adorable jewelry!!
Oh my... Lo, of the beautiful blog "Deliciously Yours" is seriously the cutest thing ever!! I regularly stalk her blog for pretty outfit inspirations & super cute lifestyle posts, and most recently I followed her fab tutorial on how to do milkmaid braids. Adorable!
Go Chic or Go Home is Facebook meets Pinterest for personal fashion. This photo-sharing community offers everything you need to make the most of your daily wardrobe and style: your closet, outfit inspiration, friends, and shopping. Shop your closet with your friends & follow your favourite bloggers too! Looking to sign up?! Click here!