Look Book: Dotted Shirt + Retro Pleats

Woo-hoo, the rain stopped! So, I thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's comments from my last post, and was comforted knowing that not everyone is having sun at the moment - it really does seem like it's always sunny in blog-land, doesn't it?! Darn West Coast! So this week has been pretty great. I just booked a much needed hair appointment (yay!) and I've finally started exercising again (man, I fell off the wagon) - if you're curious... I'm running and doing power yoga. Love it!
Putting this outfit together was so much fun. I was definitley in a more romantic & vintage inspired mood and the location was just perfect for it too. Fun fact? I'm totally obsessed with old fences. I'm kind of a small-town girl at heart... and lately I've been daydreaming of owning a hobby farm. I'd live in hunter boots + vintage floral dresses, and have a little red barn. So fun! However, I don't think Martin will be jumping on that idea any time soon - he's too much of a city boy. xo veronika
Outfit Details: 
Blouse - Swapped, Coco and Vera 
Belt - ModCloth 
Skirt - c/o Barefoot Vintage 
Splendid Heels, Jeffrey Campbell - Solestruck