Scenes From: An Afternoon Picnic

Our last few days have been so lovely! I'm certain that blogging in the summer is absolutely my favourite thing, ever!! Just this past weekend, Martin & I headed out for an ocean-side picnic. We sipped white wine + read a slew of home decor & travel magazines - so perfect. And the next day was spent lounging by our pool and doing more of the same; it's been such an amazing summer so far... I wish it would last forever!
Now that the hot weather has officially hit, I've been loving the easiness of throwing on a great dress, plus I'm so in love with this one... and yes, more stripes. Hehe, my closet is over flowing with them. I just can't help myself. As for the rest of today?! Well, aside from work, I'm hoping to end my day off with a visit to the beach and catch the sunset. I know, summer living is hard, hard work. Happy Tuesday, friends!
Outfit Details: 
Dress - c/o Ali & Kris
Belt - H&M
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Lots of love,