Ocean Walk

Guys, thank you so much for all your supportive words on Monday's post - it absolutely lightened my heart! I'm happy to report that "operation rest" is in full effect. Martin & I have been spending our evenings walking down to the ocean, usually after a super healthy dinner on our patio, and taking in all of the amazingly beautiful surroundings. Isn't it stunning here?! I love living by such a beautiful trail - we're pretty much here every day during the summer & fall months!
My denim jacket has become my summer staple! It's such an easy piece to throw on with a dress or cute skirt. And my apologies for the flip-flops/footwear... normally I would wear much cuter strappy sandals but I didn't want to scuff them on the trail. Aw, and there's Scout happily showing off his new summer hair-cut & bandana; we had so many people stop us and tell us what a cutie he is! :)

Well, this week has been pretty quiet. I'm taking a few weeks off from work. Most days, I'm only up for a few hours, and then so insanely tired that I'm back in bed & dead asleep. But my doctor said that's totally normal and to be expected. Martin has been an absolute dream, I'm not even sure how I would get through this without him - he's been by my side non-stop! Going through this has given me such an appreciation for what's important in life and I'm so thankful for that. Hope your weekend is lovely, friends!

Lots of love,