My Personal Goals

Sorry guys, no second outfit post this week. It seems the flu has hit me hard! I did, however, spend a little time journaling this morning (as I always do) complete with peppermint tea, and realized it's been an embarrassingly long time since I've sat down to write out my goals. I've had lots of time to think & reflect lately, since most of my summer & fall have been spent dealing with health issues (as many of you may know), but I'm very excited to start moving towards new goals and gain a fresh perspective. Apparently, even the blog couldn't escape a little face-lift! ;) Hope you like it...
  Start a personal blog: a place to store & share our lives with friends and family. And, start sharing the odd personal post on Girl & Closet too!

  Create: a few new pieces for my jewelry line + take a jewelry class. Did I mention I've renamed my jewelry shop?! It's now called Fox & Clover... which I love!

  Schedule a once a month artist date with myself: nature walks + bring my camera, farmers market, make a favourite recipe, afternoon tea with a friend, go to an art show or local event, craft something pretty for a friend & mail it to them, take myself out for a yummy lunch, do a yoga class, schedule a massage, take a break from work & walk around the neighbourhood, create a vision board, make a bucket list, go for a bike ride.

  Once a week date nights with hubby: go out for tea & evening jazz, play pool, host a movie night + invite a few of our friends, try a new restaurant, drive into the city & explore, surprise Martin with a gift, cook dinner together, learn how to bake yummy vegan & gluten free desserts.

  Social: see friends twice a month + plan for an open-house/potluck every 6 weeks.

  Photography: take more photos of my daily life... visits with friends and the things I'm up to during the week.

  Nest & decorate: design and re-decorate our master bedroom, create a winter garden on our patio + string little lanterns, plan for a family. Yay!

  Save: do one over-payment on our mortgage every month, and contribute a percentage of our income to our savings account.