Blog Spotlight, Third Edition

I'm so delighted to be bringing back this feature (it's a personal favourite) and to be featuring Virginie of Virginie's Cinema for my third edition of Blog Spotlight. I absolutely love being able to introduce you guys to my favourite bloggers, and learn a little bit more about these amazing ladies myself. I discovered Virginie early on when I first started blogging and fell head over heels for her blog, personal style and gorgeous photography - all of which have been such an inspiration to me. Plus, I love that this gorgeous gal is a fellow Canadian. Enjoy the interview!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Virginie (vee-jee-nee) and I am French Canadian. I am married to the man of my dreams and together we make movies (I produce, he writes and directs). I am known for smiling a lot and having an incommensurable admiration for Brigitte Bardot and all things French New Wave. My blog is Virginie's Cinema and I am also the owner of Pretty Colourful Vintage

2. What inspires you the most about having a fashion blog?
What is most inspiring about blogging to me is the readers and the community of bloggers. I love having a conversation with my readers on subjects that are dear to my heart, I love being able to share the good and the bad with them. And I love reading other blogs too so so much! For me, blogs are the absolute greatest source of inspiration in my style and have democratized personal style in a way that really speaks to me. 

3. How do you find your own sense of personal style evolving?
I used to be a very emotional shopper: I would purchase things that would appeal to my eyes even though maybe they weren't the best fit for my body type. These days, I approach building my looks in the same way I approach art direction in a movie, in a more methodological way. To me, it's a lot about colours, textures, proportions and the universe these components create together. I have also changed the way I shop drastically in the past few years and that has impacted my style. I try to stay away from garments made in poor working conditions and now wear a lot of second hand or vintage clothes. It's more inspiring to me as a shopping process. I have also found that my journey through style evolution was also a journey of self discovery for me

4. Aside from fashion blogging, what are some of your other passions?
Cinema is a huge passion for me and I am SO lucky that my career is in this field! I could watch films and talk about movies all night long! I am also deeply passionate about photography and documenting everyday life, my camera is definitely my favorite accessory! Creative consumerism is also something I have a growing passion about. I love wearing vintage garments, thrifting, up cycling and swapping. It's a subject I love spreading the word about since it's an ecological, socially responsible and creative way to build one's closet. I'm lucky that I can share all these passions with my readers on the blog and via my online boutique.

5. What are some of your favorite things about living in Montreal?
Montreal is such a beautiful, vibrant and culturally diverse city, I honestly find inspiration at every corner! It's a city where you can be exactly yourself and no one will pass jugement or stare at you, which is a luxury! It's a bilingual city (English and French) with a very rich art scene and so definitely a very stimulating place to grow up. Plus there are a lot of fabulous local designers like Betina Lou, Ève Gravel and Coeur de Loup. 

6. Who takes your outfit pictures and do you have any photography tips?
I take all of my own outfit pictures as well as all the pictures featured on the blog. Self portrait can be challenging but I love the creative freedom it gives me! I use a tripod and a wireless remote with a 35MM lens and Canon 7D camera for the outfit pictures. I still have a lot to learn about photography but I would say about outfit pictures in particular it's important to be conscious of light and backgrounds, colours and proportions. And then experiment a lot and develop your own style! Photography is such a great way of self expression. 

7. What are your dreams and aspirations for your blog?
I hope that my blog continues to be a place I can document my life, style and passions, no matter how they evolve. My most specific goal for 2013 is to make the blog bilingual, English and French, because a lot of my French readers would like it and it would represent even better myself and the culture I grew up in. Plus my writing might be a lot more eloquent in my first language ;) 

8. If money was no object what dream wardrobe piece would you purchase?
I am a frugal shopper and don't think that price equals value when it comes to garments, but I would love to own a vintage Chanel purse one day. Such a classic piece that could stay with me no matter how my style changes.

9. What's your current day off uniform?
Sweater dresses, colourful tights and vintage leather boots! 

10. Do you have any tips for new or aspiring fashion bloggers?
I would say take your time and develop your branding and your niche before putting your blog online. Take a few months to try a few features, see what works better for you and what doesn't. When I launched my blog, I had no idea how to do HTML, who my readers would be or how I would photograph myself and I wish I had taken a bit more time to build my blog before putting it online. Although it was a very interesting learning curve, I'm a bit shy that so many people were witnesses of it. Let's say there were some pretty explorative posts at first ;)

A BIG thank you to Virginie for this awesome interview! Hope you guys enjoyed learning a little bit more about this lovely lady! Be sure to pop on over to her blog (to say hi!) and follow along. You can also connect with her via Twitter! Hope everyone is enjoying a fantastic Friday + happy almost weekend, guys!