Bits & Pieces Of Our Week

Life is slowing down a lot this week! Both Martin & I are off work over the Christmas holidays, and things are nice and quiet at our home. Most mornings, I'm curled up by the fireplace drinking candy cane tea, blogging or reading a book, and listening to the rain gently putter on our roof. It's heaven! I'm eagerly counting down the days until Christmas, we'll be seeing Martin's parents on the 24th and then mine on the 25th + we have Martin's brother visiting us. Yay, I always cherish time with family!

I'll also be whipping up a vegetarian x-mas dinner for Martin and I over the holidays. I'm very excited! I'm making mashed yams, stuffing, tofu meatloaf, applesauce, meatless gravy... and then finishing it all off with gingerbread cookies + steamed almond milk. Mmmm! Also, the blog will probably be pretty quiet next week. This year, I'd like to take time to be with family, and unwind from 2012 - it was a big one! But... I'll be sure to pop in for an x-mas insta's re-cap. Love doing those! Happy (almost) Christmas, friends! Hope yours is an amazing one!!

Out for a crisp morning walk
Scout's Christmas toy, he loves pulling on it and then flicking it up in the air. Aw!
Getting lots of outdoor time!
Checking out the x-mas lights in our neigbourhood.
Visiting my mom for dinner, she looked so cute that night!