SouthPort, South Surrey

Hello! Sorry for the lack of posts last week, guys. I had a bit of a health setback, and as a result, ended up laying pretty low. But thankfully, I'm back on my feet and paying extra attention to what I eat. For the past six months I've been following a hypo-allergenic diet, but lately I've been sneaking in a bit of sugar here & there (oh, the holidays) and I ended up having a pretty awful reaction to it. Ugh. So this week, I'm stepping back and taking care of myself: hitting the gym, doing my yoga, and experimenting with sugar-free desserts. Sheesh, I should have known better!

Ok, on to the post! We've finally been getting hit with some much needed sunshine, so Martin & I saw this as the perfect opportunity to head out to Southport in White Rock. We're in the area often visiting our friends Clint & Erin, and we also attend church there. But we've never explored this particular nook; it's right beside a nature-rich golf course. The houses were so lovely + I adored the Cape Cod feel to them... and (eek) are about a million dollars. I swear, the real estate prices are crazy here in Vancouver! We enjoyed a fantastic walk along the river though, grabbed some Japanese food, and watched Scout (our pooch) enjoy some major off-leash adventure time. He had to say hello to everyone we met, haha, too cute! What an awesome weekend! What did you guys get up to?!...

Hat - Joe Fresh
Coat - Old Navy
Jeans - American Eagle (similar)
Boots - c/o Blowfish