A trip down to the ocean was just what Martin & I needed. I don't know what it is, but the last few weeks have left me feeling so scattered. For March, I'd really like to get my butt in gear, and start fresh... new goals, create a blog schedule (it's been a challenge the last few months), change up my hair, finish decorating our place, and get out more with my honey. This winter in particular has been dragging on and I can't wait for spring to arrive. I'm sure I'll have a renewed pep to my step just from the new season. And... look at that sun! Martin & I have made it a priority to get more family time after work as well as mix up our usual routine. We usually pack up some food, grab our dog and head somewhere scenic to chill & unwind. Watching Scout chase birds, run circles around us, listen to the waves crash and take in that amazingly fresh air... definitley chases our troubles away!