Happy Friday, friends! Here are some bits & pieces from our last few weeks. This week has been a pretty busy one for us. Martin & I have spent our evenings car shopping... I had no idea it could be so stressful. We just said goodbye to our BMW and traded it in for a new Honda Civic, four door, in a dark metallic grey - super cute, and most importantly, not too expensive to maintain. Other than that, this Saturday I'm off to (oh my lord!) see my dentist for a tooth extraction. I'm thinking things might be a little quiet around here next week. I'll be pretty swollen and off work for a few days. Sigh! The only upside? Martin will be cooking for me and I'll be catching up on a heck of a lot of shows! I hope your weekend plans are funner than mine! ;)
Surprise roses from my love, thank you!
We recently upgraded my engagement ring. But then I changed my mind and chose an antique style ring with a princess (square) cut diamond instead... I also picked a smaller center stone. Haha, am I crazy?! In the end, it felt more me.
Statement necklaces, striped tees, and skinny jeans are my staples as of late.
A romantic dinner for two, and still loving our newly painted red dining nook.
And, doggy sitting the sweetest little girl. Need I say more?!... ;)