Kicking Up My Feet & Taking A Break

This post feels like it's been a long time coming... but I'm ready to hang up my hat and take a break from Girl & Closet. I've loved documenting my style over the past 2½ years but a lot has changed in the last year, especially my health... I've gone into detail here & there, but I still have a long road of healing ahead of me until I'm fully back on my feet. Plus, I'm ready for a new adventure. At this point, I'm not sure how long my break will last. However, I won't be gone completely, I love blogging way too much for that - I'll be stretching my creative wings over at my new blog "By The Shore."

As much as I tried to change up the Girl & Closet blog with a new look, more lifestyle posts, posting a little less + letting go of sponsors, it still didn't feel like enough. It became more & more obvious that what I needed was a fresh start to get my creativity blooming again... I'm excited. I love change! I read a wonderful quote the other day which sums it up beautifully: "We can't become what we need to be by remaining what we are." - Oprah 

With that said, a BIG thank you to everyone that has supported and followed the blog. I've adored every minute of it and I'm so incredibly thankful for all the friendships I've made. You guys are truly an amazing bunch. I don't think I'd love blogging this much if it wasn't for you. So, thank you! Be sure to pop on over to my new home "By The Shore" and say hi (you can follow the new blog here). I look forward to sharing this new journey with you! xo