About Me

Hello! I'm Veronika and welcome to "Girl and Closet!"

I live in a quaint ocean-side town with my hubby, our beloved dog, and our chubby orange cat. I work as a freelance photographer, make jewelry, and spend my free time working on my fashion & lifestyle blog -of course! I take all of my own pictures, using a wireless remote, and sometimes my dear husband is kind enough to give a lending hand. Yay!! I use a Canon 60D DSLR, 50 mm fixed portrait lens, and edit all of my photos using Adobe Lightroom.

I absolutely love spending time with my super fabulous hub and cooking dinner with our pals, or vintage shopping!  I can also be found daydreaming, styling outfits, decorating our home, or sitting by the ocean -with a great book. xo veronika

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